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Diabetic Foot Care

We offer comprehensive wound care treatments, nail trimming, and neuropathy management for diabetics.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can have a serious impact on your feet, causing complications such as nerve damage, poor circulation, and delayed wound healing. At our clinic, we understand the unique needs of individuals with diabetes and provide specialized care to help prevent serious foot problems.

Our team of experienced podiatrists are trained to provide the highest quality care for diabetic foot conditions. We offer a range of services including:

Diabetic Wound Care Treatments

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide advanced wound care treatments for diabetic ulcers, blisters, and other foot injuries. We use a personalized approach to care, taking into consideration your medical history, lifestyle, and individual needs. Our wound care treatments include:

  • Debridement: Removing dead or infected tissue to promote healing
  • Dressings: Applying specialized dressings to keep the wound clean and promote healing
  • Offloading: Reducing pressure on the wound to promote healing
  • Skin Grafts: For more advanced wound care issues or wounds that are not healing, we take thin layers of donor skin and apply it to the wound site, speeding up the healing process and reduce the risk of infection

Nail Trimming

Proper nail care is essential for individuals with diabetes to prevent infections and other foot problems. Our team of specialists provides gentle and safe nail trimming services to help maintain healthy nails and prevent complications.

We also offer Medical Pedicures for diabetics who want to receive pedicures but are unable to visit traditional nail salons.

Neuropathy Management

Nerve damage is a common complication of diabetes that can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the feet. Our team provides comprehensive neuropathy management services to help reduce symptoms and prevent further nerve damage. Our neuropathy management services include:

  • Medications: Prescribing medications to help manage symptoms
  • Lifestyle changes: Providing guidance on lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise to help manage symptoms
  • Supportive devices: Recommending supportive devices such as braces or orthotics to improve mobility and reduce pain
  • Surgical options: When nerve entrapment is responsible for the pain or numbness, peripheral neuropathy surgery can help reduce pain up to 90%

At Signature Foot & Ankle, we believe in providing compassionate care in a welcoming and supportive environment. We work closely with our patients to develop personalized treatment plans that meet their individual needs and help them achieve optimal foot health.

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